Our research organisations Huygens Instituut, KNAW Humanities Cluster Amsterdam and School of Arts and Humanities, Edith Cowan University Western Australia have been collaborating on the Migrant, Mobilities and Connection project (MIGRANT) since 2014. MIGRANT is devising methods to connect worldwide distributed migrant cultural heritage collections and concentrating on digital collection evaluation and accessibility.


It participates in the Dutch-Australian Shared Cultural Heritage Project in which the National Archives The Hague and the National Archives Australia are digitizing migrant heritage. The collaboration between Peters and Van Faassen actually started already in 2006, during the 400 years Dutch- Australian Friendship-celebration. That year, the emigrant registration system, which is pivotal for connecting the Dutch Australian migrant heritage was physically handed over to the National Archives The Hague.


The People Movement Stories is a hybrid live and online exhibition showcasing how the migratory movement between the two countries changed over the last 80 years and the way oral history can enrich migrant heritage that is dispersed over different collections in different countries and vice versa. The live exhibition is one of the events marking the anniversary of 80 years of full diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Australia. It will travel to Perth and Canberra later this year.


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