This exhibition, both in vivo and online, has been made possible by the following organizations and people



  • Australian embassy the Hague, Netherlands
  • Netherlands embassy Canberra, Australia




Dr Marijke van Faassen, Historian and Senior Researcher at Huygens ING. She coordinates the project Migrant, Mobilities and Connection, a collaboration between Dutch and Australian historians and literary scholars of Huygens ING and Edith Cowan University, Perth. Previously she has been editor in chief of various analogue and digital source publications, amongst other on the Documents on Dutch Foreign Relations 1940-1945.

Dr Rik Hoekstra, Digital Historian at KNAW Humanities Cluster.  He has a historical background in the colonial history of Mexico and has been focusing on the publication of historical information on the internet since the 1990s. At Huygens ING he contributed to and devised and supervised numerous digital publications, including the correspondence of William of Orange, the Resolutions of the States-General and the Dutch Biographical Portal.

Kate Lindsay, Designer,

Professor Nonja Peters, Chief Investigator and Project Manager for this project, Anthropologist, Historian and Curator affiliated with the centre of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Centre for Global Issues at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Peters curated many exhibitions and is affililated to Huygens ING as guest researcher from July 2020 till July 2022.

Interns from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University, Radboud University Nijmegen and Utrecht University helped us with the preparations and inspired us with their ideas.

Matthias Dijkshoorn Student Research Master History, Leiden University.

The themes of the in vivo exhibition (the leaves, flower and flag images) were purchased from Adobe Stock with a Standard License.


The text of the online background information pages is re-used, where applicable, from the webpages that were written for the celebration of the 400 year Dutch-Australian friendships relations (2006), written by Gijs Boink, Ron Guleij, Rick van Velden (National Archives) and Marijke van Faassen (Huygens ING). They were translated and archived by Trove Australia (2007) and translated and re-used during the Dirk Hartogh celebration in 2016.